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Return to faërie Trilogy

The three volumes of “Return to Faërie” are entitled:  Moonrise,  A Delicate Balance and Windy Hill Prayer.    They are available to:

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In case you have not yet read the trilogy, here is a little general information about the books:

A delightful foray into Celtic legend and fairy-tradition, the trilogy “Return to Faërie” contains philosophical and ecological themes, as well as presenting many reflections on spirituality.  The books are sure to appeal to lovers of Irish, Scottish and Breton culture, the traditional music of these places (the heroine is a folk harpist and music figures strongly throughout the trilogy), and also readers enamoured of the wonders of Nature and aware of their own rich interior life.

“Return to Faërie” addresses itself to adults who love adventure and wonder, the enchanted and the original. Though filled with mystery, tension and even some conflict, and woven of many narrative threads and host to many complex characters, “Return to Faërie” is a gentle tale which creates an ambiance of peace and hope.

About the story:

The heroine discovers herself to be, not human, but a fairy-changeling: exchanged at birth with her parents’ true child, a baby girl stolen away to be raised in the “parallel reality” of Faërie.  In the three volumes of Return to Faërie, the heroine-changeling (now a woman of fifty) is invited to return to her true home, on three subsequent visits, in order to decide if she wishes to remain in the world of humans or take her rightful place, once again, in the realm of her birth (over six-hundred years earlier).

We travel back and forth with this woman as she rediscovers her native kingdom and its traditions, renews the acquaintance of her family there, and also encounters other inhabitants of that mighty and mystical land of fairy-shees which has for many centuries fascinated humankind — hovering, as it does, at the limits of our perception and in the secret longings of our hearts.

Faërie is a land of nature-spirits and magical beings, home to both pixies and dragons, as well as boasting unicorns, mermaids and flying horses!  It is a land of profound respect for life in all of its pageantry and beauty, where trees are venerated, the cycle of the seasons and the simple delights of rainfall, sunshine and moonlight are celebrated and honoured.  But it is a land that our heroine also finds to be divided by strife and jealousy, tension and treachery; just as she likewise recognises her own heart to be pulled in various directions, posing many questions, faced by the phantom memories of love or the glimpse of her own ancient fairy-self’s wisdom and audacity, projects and dreams.

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This first edition

Illuminated E

The three volumes are beautifully presented, even in their first black & white edition (only the cover art is in colour), as the trilogy is graced with calligraphic titles, numerous illustrations and even finely-drawn illuminated initials at the start of each chapter.  Artistic and decorative maps of both the great realm of Faërie’s largest shee and also the City of the King of Faërie, are provided at the end of each tome.


On this “Return to Faërie” website, for a price of 1 €, you have access to the black & white maps of Faërie and of the city of Fantasie, in order to print them at a larger scale than that which is available in the books (A3 printing is recommended to appreciate all the details).

Gift Shop

Colour versions of the maps can be ordered from the on-line gift shop.   Many of the illustrations are also available there as full colour art-posters or printed on various home and office products. These products complement the publication of the trilogy and will greatly please lovers of Jane’s fantasy art and calligraphy.

For more information on Jane’s other artistic and literary activities, please visit www.calligrafee.com.

Her on-line art-school, English version, can be found at:  www.calligrafee.com/school.

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